Actress Sridevi Angry on Vijay’s Puli Team

Veteran Actress Sridevi, who had recently acted in Vijay’s Puli, is aiming high with her comeback film. Much to her disappointment, the producers of the Puli have decided to cut short her role in the film.

Sridevi Angry on Puli Team
Sridevi Angry on Puli Team

In detail: Sridevi, who was approached with the script of Puli by the Director and producer, had heard the script. She was much impressed with her character and gave a nod to act in it. In the process, she allotted the huge number of dates to the director. The film was shot in eight months, and editing of it started last month.

Sridevi was called upon to dub her character, to which she agreed and started giving her voice. After dubbing her character, she realized that some of her scenes were chopped. She approached the unit regarding the same. The unit replied that the length of the film was too long and had no choice to cut short some of her scenes. Couldn’t digest the stumble, Sridevi forayed against producers claiming that all her dates were wasted.

Sridevi, who thought of making a big come back in South Cinema with Puli, is surely disappointed by the producer’s decision.

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