Young actor to support Pawan Kalyan’s Janasena Party

Pawan Kalyan always made sure that Jana Sena will be filled with young blood and relatively fresh political aspirants rather than going for the defection of seniors from other political parties. Accordingly, Pawan and his core team formulated regional committees to spot on new faces in society.

Nithin and Pawan Kalyan About Janasena
Nithin and Pawan Kalyan About Janasena

Apparently, unanimous support from film industry is doubtful for Jana Sena because of predominant caste factor here but there is a section in Tollywood who blindly follows Pawan Kalyan and his ideologies. Meanwhile, names of comedian Ali and senior actor Suman joining Jana Sena is unofficially publicized.

What comes as a pleasant surprise from a Film Nagar wild grapevine is, Pawan’s fan Nithiin is willing to play a crucial role behind the scenes to provide a platform for Jana Sena in Telangana.

Agreed that Telangana Rashtra Samithi and KCR’s leadership has no opposition in the newly formed state but Pawan reportedly discussed with Nithiin on working for the weaker sections is the ultimate Jana Sena goal and not Power thirsty. Will Nithiin become the front face of T-Jana Sena? Has Nithin and his family got the political credibility in Telangana? Time has an answer.

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