Vinaya Vidheya Rama Review

Rating: 2.5/5

Critic Rating: (2.5/5)

Movie Name Vinaya Vidheya Rama
Movie Rating 2.5/5
Movie Cast  Ram Charan, Kiara Advani, Vivek Oberoi
Director Boyapati Srinu
Music Director Devi Sri Prasad
Production Company DVV Danayya
Release Date January 11, 2019

Not every director can make every kind of movie, not every actor fit in every role. Every filmmaker and every actor has certain limitations. They cannot go beyond their limitations as it hurt their image or their sensibilities. Telugu industry has such actors and directors who are specialised in some kind of movies and nowadays actors are coming out of their comfort zone and taking up challenging roles. Boyapati Seenu is a director who is very much specialised in making movies with high octane action sequences which are also high on violence. His kind of cinema goes well and is celebrated in single screens. He teamed up with Ram Charan for Vinaya Vidheya Rama for a family-oriented action film which is produced by DVV Danayya in his DVV Entertainments. Let’s see how it works as it is releasing into theatres today.


Ram Charan in VVR
Ram Charan in VVR

Rama (Ram Charan) is a brother of Election Commissioner. During by-elections in AP, Pandem Parasuram (Mukesh Rishi) threatens him to support him in making his candidate win. Rama comes to save his brother and humiliates Parasuram. Angered by this, Parasuram seeks the help of encounter specialist who fakes killing as an encounter and he captures the whole family of Rama. Rama pleads him to leave his family but he doesn’t oblige. He starts fighting them and then enters the Bihar CM with his battalion to save Rama and his family. Why is a state CM interested in Rama? What’s his back story?

Cast and performance

Ram Charan did good work in his role as Rama. After the role of Chitti Babu, this role would be a disappointment. Kiara Advani is okay as she got a very limited role. Sneha performed well and Prasanth too in the role of elder brother to Rama. Vivek Oberoi is superb as a terrorising Villain but he too got a limited time on screen. Mukesh Rishi and other actors are good.

Writing Department

Ram Charan and Kiara in VVR
Ram Charan and Kiara in VVR

The story is always the same in Boyapati Seenu movies and screenplay written for it is a disappointment and dialogues are written in with more of rhyming sense.

Technical Departments

Rockstar Devi Sri Prasad composed music album for this movie and he did a disappointing work in terms of tunes and songs considering his previous works. He uses the same tracks and loops he uses for action films again in terms of the background score. Cinematographers Rishi Punjabi and Arthur Wilson have done good work. Editing could have been a lot better. Action department has done good work in composing fans appealing sequences. Production values of DVV entertainments are rich.


Ram Charan
Action sequences


Weak story and screenplay
Too much violence


Vinaya Vidheya Rama is a story of a guy who is as good as Rama, the lord and how he fights the bad. Director Boyapati Seenu explored more of violent Rama than humble and obedient Rama. As every Telugu director is doing, the whole first half is used to set and elevate hero and his over the top charisma. This half offers nothing entertaining other than fan appealing action sequences and few comedy sequences. The actual story comes in the second half and this half becomes very violent with back to back action sequences. Boyapati is well known for his beyond the science or logicless sequences and he always surprise the audience with those sequence with every movie he makes and this movie also has them like snake biting scene. The cast he chose to play the characters he wrote is good but they don’t get their part except for two or three characters. Even Vivek Oberoi has a limited scope and screen time to perform surprisingly. To sum up, Vinaya Vidheya Rama has nothing to offer except for fan-pleasing action sequences.

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