Varun Dhawan’s car damaged in accident

Bollywood actor Varun Dhawan, who is generally known for keeping his calm, has now given a subtle warning to a social media user to shut up after he misinformed about an accident.

varun dhawan
varun dhawan

A person, who witnessed the incident of Varun Dhawan’s car crashing into another Honda City car on a Mumbai road, took to his twitter page and shared this news. Varun got angry after this news spread like wildfire.

He cleared this rumor saying he had not been in the car when the incident happened and that he only went to help out his family member who had been in the car at that time. Varun also said that only his car got damaged but not the other car. He asked the person not to spread rumors.

The young actor also responded to his fans’ queries and said that no one was injured in the unfortunate accident.

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