An unexpected twist in Dhanush’s case

South Indian Bruce Lee Dhanush enjoys a huge fame in Tamil Nadu with his mass image. But his curious case filed by and old couple claiming that he was their son is now turning many twists.

Twists in Dhanush Case
Twists in Dhanush Case

After all the hearings, the Madras High Court has asked the old couple to submit any proofs like birth marks or others. As per the court’s advice, the old couple within some days has submitted the birth marks details of their alleged son Dhanush. The court has ordered a doctor’s team to check Dhanush’s birthmarks. To everyone’s surprise, the doctors made a detailed report which says that there are no birth marks on Dhanush as claimed by the old couple from Madurai. Here comes the twist that the same doctors said that some marks are removed by Laser. So the same court has asked the doctors to confirm the marks which match with old couple’s claimed spots whether they are removed by the laser or not. This is the new twist in this case as Dhanush who breathed a sigh of relief is now again back to square one on the problem.

Dhanush and his parents say that the old couple is claiming false news for Money whereas the old couple from Madurai is saying that Dhanush is the same person whom they lost when he was a child.

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