Tragedy in Nagarjuna’s Farmhouse

A tragedy took place in actor Nagarjuna’s agricultural farms recently. A couple who survived on Nagarjuna’s agricultural land, by farming died of electrocution.

Electric Shock in Nagarjuna Farmhouse
Electric Shock in Nagarjuna Farmhouse

Venkata Raju and Durga who lived near Papareddi Guda of Kasimpet were electrocuted and died on the spot. The couple are identified as the residents of Kothalanka, Bobbidavaram, who work in the agricultural farms which belong to actor Nagarjuna. Venkata Raju had the electric shock, and his wife Durga who wanted to save him also got affected when she attempted to save him. Both of them died in the spot. This has left the residents and the family into tragedy.

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