Top 50 Best Tollywood Dance Songs List in 2016

Telugu Songs were quite known for their music and own unique excitement and essence. The lyrics of every song have its own charisma and power to calm your mind and body pleasantly.

Music composed will be very to heart with beautiful background score and lyrics. Right from the old Telugu songs to new Telugu songs, each track will remain close to heart. Not only melodious songs attract the people, there are countless mass songs from old Telugu movies to new Telugu movies which are still very famous and have great fan following for the songs.

2016 Popular Telugu Songs
2016 Popular Telugu Songs

Along with romantic songs, the mass songs also get lot of attention. In fact mass songs with catchy lyrics and thrilling background score won so many times over other songs hand down. Hats off to the creators of these songs who are maestros and to the commitment and zeal they show when composing the songs in an innovative way.

When it comes to choosing top Telugu songs, the competition is too heavy. Be it old Telugu songs or new Telugu Songs, one have to understand that choosing top 10 Telugu songs is based on colorfulness, background score and popularity of that song. The songs are picturised in a certain fantasy level. And no doubt all the time
fantasy does play huge part in the songs.

Here goes the list of top 50 Telugu Songs of 2016:

1) Evare
2) Bang Bang
3) Kanulu Navaina
4) Crazy Feeling
5) Vellipomaakey
6) Nannaku
7) Kotha Kotha Basha
8) Evadu Evadu
9) Follow Follow
10) Colorful Chilka
11) Ennosarlu
12) Prema Pusene
13) Rang De
14) Agarottula
15) Yey yey yey Raa
16) Sailaja Sailaja
17) Ela Ela Ela
18) Yaa Yaa
19) ISM
20) Ninna Leni
21) Nee Navve
22) Love Me Again
23) Chakkori
24) Pakka Local
25) Love Cheyyala
26) Yellipoke Shyamala
27) Hulala
28) Emannavoo
29) Podaade Poda
30) Nipu Ra
31) Thikka
32) Naa Manasu Nelo
33) Pilla Shubha
34) Gusa Gusa Lade
35) Em Chepanu
36) Prema Swara
37) Don’u Don’u
38) Tauba Tauba
39) Kotha Kotha Basha
40) Kannula Munde
41) Taanu Nenu
42) Mallela Vaanala
43) Nee Chepakallu
44) Anasuya Kosam
45) You are my darling
46) Chiuku Taake
47) Mundhu Nuyya
48) Bhajare Nanda
49) Shokilla
50) Chilaka O Chilaka

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