Jayam Ravi Tenders an Apology

Jayam Ravi starrer Comali has fallen into a big controversy now. The film’s theatrical trailer received huge criticism from everyone. Since the trailer carried a scene mocking the political entry of Rajinikanth, the fans found it as a fault and the makers had to an apology.

Jayam Ravi Apology To Rajni fans
Jayam Ravi Apology To Rajni fans

In a press note that he sent, Jayam Ravi asked for an apology and assured that the scene would not make it to the final cut.

“I would like to make it clear that the element was included in a positive light. Being a hardcore Superstar Rajini sir fan, I have been as eager and anxious as any other follower to see him embark on his political journey. We all grew up watching his movies, his action and style had mandatorily become an inherent part of our nature and there is no way that we would show such disrespect to him in any way or his fans. What has made him more lovable than before is that he saw the trailer of Comali and appreciated our team for the creative appeal and con-gratulated us for coming up with an unique idea. However, to see that such an ideation without any deliberate intent has been receiving resentments and some negative feedbacks from a section of his fans, we have decided to delete the portion in the movie.” posted Jayam Ravi.”

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