Top 5 Things You Did Not Know About Most Awaited Movie Baahubali!!

Baahubali Highlights
Highlights of Baahubali

The most awaited epic Baahubali movie (or should I say movies coz of the two parts) of the year is being released on July 10th. S.S Rajamouli has delivered big time hits like Magadheera and Eega to the Telugu people and we cannot wait to watch this highly promoted film that promises to have overwhelming visual graphics and effects.

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Much hype has been created for this movie and the posters that were released by the creative director only increased the excitement for every fan. Despite all the things you know about the movie, here are five things that I think you did not know, unless you’ve done investigation like I did.

Baahubali Unknown Facts
Unknown Facts of Baahubali

1. It took a whooping two and a half years for the film to complete its shooting and still is in the process of its post-production. Well, duh! Have you seen the grand scale of this movie? It’s been made in Telugu, Tamil and is being dubbed into Hindi, English and several foreign languages.

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2. 150 CRORES for an Indian film? That too a Telugu Indian film? Yes, Baahubali has crossed all the milestones of the Indian film industry with that budget.

3. I have more numbers to share with you. 600 artists from 17 VFX studios have shed blood and sweat to complete this project.

4. Remember how Rajamouli created a vast kingdom in Maghadeera? Imagine a kingdom ten times that size and glamour. That kingdom is called Mahishmati in Baahubali and the sets of the shooting occurred all around exquisite places of South India.

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5. You’ve heard all about the Cannes Film Festival 2015, right? Now, get this. Baahubali made sure its presence was felt at Cannes as well by serving t-shirts that read the title at a café. Isn’t that an innovative promotion?

Baahubali buzz has reached the international audience, the only thing left is reaching the world. What better way than to have a website FOR the movie? You need to check that out first! To update you more about the movie, the trailer and the audio is being released on the 31st of May. What a way to end this month.

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