Top 5 Reasons to Watch Rudramadevi

The trending film in Telugu Cinema after “Baahubali” is “Rudramadevi” . This movie is claimed to be India’s first historical stereoscopic 3D film. With the film releasing this month 9th after several delays, let’s look into the interesting aspects that Rudramadevi has to offer.


“Rudramadevi” is a story based on the life of Rudramadevi, one of the prominent rulers of Kakatiya Dynasty. She was a popular queen among few in Indian history. Since the move runs in a 13th-century era, the director has taken all efforts to recreate the Kakatiya dynasty. The posters and trailers that released as part of promotion clearly show how deep the subject is portrayed on the silver screen. Along with the film director, art director Thota Tharani, costume designer Neeta Lulla have worked as a team and brought the forgotten history to the silver screen.

To know what the real Kakatiya dynasty was? To know how Rudramadevi ruled and fought her enemies? This film shouldn’t be a miss.



Gunasekhar has always been a huge fan of history and mythology. In debut film Ramayanam(1997) was made with then child artist Jr.NTR, this film won National Film Award for Best Children’s Film for that year. His later films Okkadu, Arjun, Sainikudu, and Varudu all are ideal to Ramayanam.

Coming to Rudramadevi, Gunasekhar has dreamt of this subject since 2004. He made many attempts to take this film on the floors at the early stages of his career, but couldn’t do so. He chose that this would be the perfect time to create “Rudramadevi” as there is sufficient technology available. His attempt is termed as a daring one because he also produced this film by spending almost 60 cr.



This film has a huge cast to watch out. Beginning from Anushka continuing with Allu Arjun, Rana, Krishnamraju, Prakash Raj, Nithya Menon, Catherine Tresa and the list goes on. With each actor portraying in a never seen role, the audience are curious for watching out their favourite actor in those roles.

The film will revolve around the main character’s like Chalukya Veerabhadra (Rana Daggubati), Gona Ganna Reddy (Allu Arjun), Ganapati Devudu (Krishnam Raju) and of course Rudramadevi (Anushka Shetty).

Allu Arjun, Rana, Prakash Raj and Anushka
Allu Arjun, Rana, Prakash Raj and Anushka


With Ilaiyaraaja composing music to this historical cinema, you couldn’t have asked for anything better. In a recent video posted by Gunashekar, Ilaiyaraaja said that “Music nowadays has become so worst that whatever you listen is being termed as a waste. Rudramadevi was composed of high standard values with no dirt filled in it. You will get an experience of listening good BGM and audio while watching the cinema.”

With such a great personality’s assurance, you wouldn’t give a miss at Rudramadevi.


Historical Stereoscopic 3DFilm:

First we need to know what Stereoscopic means. Stereoscopic means a technique to create or to enhance the illusion of depth in an image that can be seen through the special glass. Now, this film is being termed as Stereoscopic 3D cinema based on history, no wonder it grabs the attention of a common audience and cinema goers. Such film is noted to be first of its kind in Indian Cinema.

These are the primary reasons for watching “Rudhramadevi- the Warrior Queen” hope you all will watch the historical drama and feel the 13th century being recreated with your eyes.

Watch the trailer of “Rudhramadevi”

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