Telangana Minister Appreciates Kadambari Kiran

Karambari Kiran is the popular comedian in the Telugu film industry who is also an active member in movie artists association. Karambari Kiran started an organization called Manam Saitham and has been helping out the persons who are in need of help.

Talasani Praises Kadambari Kiran
Talasani Praises Kadambari Kiran

Recently, Kadambari Kiran helped a person called P Raju who is working in the drivers’ union. Through Manam Saitham organization, Kadambari Kiran has donated an amount of 35 thousand rupees to him and he also took this issue to Telangana cinematography minister Srinivas Yadav’s office.

Talasani Srinivas Yadav has released 55 thousand rupees from chief minister’s fund for P Raju and the minister has appreciated Kadambari Kiran for coming up with the organization that is helping the people.

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