Tanish’s Heroine Madhavi Latha Finds Fault With Bigg Boss

Bigg Boss TV show is turning out to be a Wrestling arena. Kaushal and all the other housemates are having a difference of opinions. The housemates are cornering Kaushal in a way that he could not raise his voice properly. Now, the heroine Madhavi Latha opened up about the show and made an interesting observation.

Madhavi Latha about Bigg Boss Show
Madhavi Latha about Bigg Boss Show

“There are 8 evils in a human being. When the other provoke, any of the evil will come out of a person automatically. Usually, people try to compare things with crows, and dogs which are not at all wrong as it happens in usual usage. I agree with it completely. If I were in that situation, I would have slapped the people instead of giving answers peacefully. Roll becoming emotional looks forceful and comic. Everyone is targetting Kaushal.” said Madhavi Latha who is supporting Kaushal.

She also found fault with the Sand Task. “If Bigg Boss canceled the task, why did he announce the winner? How can a person will be sent to Finale when the task was canceled,” said Madhavi.

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