Tamil Heroine irked With Drunk and Drive Rumours

Going by the latest news from Chennai, we have come to know that the budding actress Gayathri Raghuram was caught driving her vehicle under the influence of the alcohol. Even after getting caught, she is said to have created a mess and was charged with a fine of 3500 rupees.

Gayathri Raghuram
Gayathri Raghuram

Gayathri Raghuram has come up on Twitter to give the clarification on the same too. She has a complete version to tell the public. She revealed that she was not under the influence of alcohol and gave clarity on the incident.

“I like to prove what exactly happened and the conversation. I have nothing to hide. But no one is willing to hear the truth keeping both me and cops together I like to talk. If they say cops drop me home it’s a lie I drove myself I was not dropped at ?. I was ready for bloodtest. They dint want to test me. I was under medication for wheezing and cough and heavy cold. I was not keeping well for last week. I dint want to argue I rather paid them what they want and left. I’m still not keeping wel. If anything happens to me will they take the blame for shame? Cops did their duty. I dint feel bad about it. But those spreading wrong news r wrong.” tweeted Gayathri.

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