Tamanna’s tempting dress in a private function

It is common for all the heroines in recent times to wear latest fashion statements with much needed exposing. Doesn’t matter the purpose of the function, their goal is to get attention through their outfits. Tamanna has done this in a recent private function.

Tamanna Dress
Tamanna Dress

After going to Bollywood, Tamanna changed her glamor dose to double with tempting dresses. Whenever she was seen in any awards function or private function, she was damn gorgeous. Needless to say, this is all about getting more chances in Bollywood. Recently she has attended to a leading magazine’s conclave panel discussions. She has blown everyone with her designer dress. Even though the top covers the body, the transparent fabric did the magic and gave the viewers a treat. And the bottom covering until her knees, her side cut until hips is a treat to watch.

Now this appearance of her is in discussions among Bollywood circles. Some commented that they can’t discuss watching Tamannah with such sort of dress. Tamanna has passed her objective of getting much-needed attention.

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