Tamanna’s n**e photos sensation in internet

Soon after the leakage of Hollywood’s top celebrities n**e photos, few film audience in India started searching for the n**e photos of Indian actresses. Interestingly, few people morphed Indian actresses pics and updating it in few porn sites. They now entered into social media sites and started spreading into the people like wild fire.


Tamanna turned out to be the main victim for this aspect as Google reports says that majority of the people in India are now searching for Tamanna’s n**e pics. Some unknown person morphed and updated these pics into the internet and people started thinking that Tamanna’s n**e pics too were leaked.

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Tamanna responded on this saying that they are all morphed ones. She stated that few idiots did that task and updated them to the internet. She further filed Police complaint on this and the culprits will be taken under control soon. Tamanna requested audience not to believe in such pics and she fired on the culprits saying that if they continue to do this to every girl, some day they may see their sisters’ pics too in the internet.

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