Tamanna’s Navel Treat for North

Milky beauty Tamanna Bhatia is the uncrowned queen of navel eroticism, and southern audiences have been enjoying this visual feast for a long time. But, for the first time, North audiences have witnessed this sensual treat albeit for a small duration.

Tamanna Navel Ad
Tamanna Navel Ad

Tamanna’s spicy looks were once again on display in the commercial titled “Ranveer Ching”. The ad’s main objective was to bring publicity to Chinese noodles which were being launched in India. Action director Rohit Shetty teamed up with Ranveer Singh and Tamanna to heat up this commercial.

While Ranveer was busy in the ad promoting the noodles, audiences couldn’t take their eyes of the princess, whose only objective looks to expose her shapely waist. Her costumes were also picked in a manner to give unlimited exposure of her navel.

Poor Ranveer Singh failed to dominate the presence of milky siren.

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