Suresh Babu Is Disappointed With This Aspect In Oh Baby

The recently released film Oh Baby starring Samantha Akkineni in the lead role has been received well by the audience and is having a good run at the box office. It is directed by Nandini Reddy. This is the first hit of Samantha with a female-oriented film. But apparently, one of the film’s producers, Suresh Babu is not really satisfied with it.

Suresh Babu upset with Oh Baby
Suresh Babu upset with Oh Baby

One thing that majorly made him upset was the music. Mickey J Meyer, who composed the music and background score of the film, did a below par job. Mickey is one of the talented composers in town but we don’t really know how he failed to create an impact with this film’s music.

Especially, Suresh Babu was disappointed with the climax song, which comes at a high point of the film. He felt that a chartbuster melody would’ve created more impact on the audience. Whatever Suresh Babu though was right, but he should be happy with the success and should take more care on such aspects from now on.

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