Surekha Vani Wants To Be Rangammaththa

Surekha Vani is one of the popular artists in the Telugu film industry. Though she is young in terms of age, she does all kinds of roles including those that are more than her age. More or less, she matches Anasuya in age and Surekha is senior in the industry. Recently, Surekha Vani revealed the kind of roles that she wanted to play. She hates being considered aunt by the audiences and tries to catch the attention of everyone by sporting some hot outfits.

Surekha Vani
Surekha Vani

Surekha Vani revealed that she is always game for playing the roles like Rangammaththa. Surekha Vani praised Anasuya for portraying the role very well and revealed that she can also pull such kind of roles. Let us see if any director can cast her for such roles in the future.

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