Stupid Fellows: Fans Vs Mega Heroes

Chiranjeevi was recently seen in a video in which he called one of his fans as “Stupid Fellow.” Now this video is going viral on the internet.

Mega Star Chiranjeevi is known for his cool and calm personality in public. He is a man of discipline, say his followers. He a very renowned personality and a responsible politician identified across the nation.

Mega Heroes vs Fans
Mega Heroes vs Fans

With such honourable status in society, whatever he does becomes ‘Chai Pe Charcha’ for many. In the recent times, he has become the popular actor that Telugu people have talked about. Since his 150th film is getting ready, he has been the hot topic all over.

In the process of building some hype over 150th, his brother Nagababu and son Ram Charan has planned his 60th Birthday celebrations in a grand way, which became success. In the part of these celebrations, Nagababu conducted a function for Mega fans. Chiranjeevi appeared in this function and made his fans happy.

While speaking in this function, Nagababu showed his anger over Pawan Kalyan fans. Pawan fans, who were shouting his name in his absence, were given a strict warning by Nagababu. He warned Pawan fans by saying “Stop shouting his name, or else I am gonna come and beat you. What is this ” This left Pawan fans much disappointment. Even before Mega fans can forget this, another fan got the same response. This time, it was directly from Mega Star Chiranjeevi himself.

Chiranjeevi, who attended “Bruce Lee” audio launch, was leaving the function once it got completed. With heavy crowd surrounding Mega Star, he got pushed by one of his fans. Annoyed by that he showed his anger and addressed his fan as “Stupid.”

Previously it was Nagababu shouting at Mega Fans and now Mega Star addressing as “Stupid.” Do Mega Fans look as stupids to these brother’s?

Watch this video of Chiranjeevi calling his fans as stupid:

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