Sruthi to Pair With Salman Jr!

Sruthi Hassan has been away from media and films for quite some time. Previously, the reason was that she was busy with her personal life, dating with her beau Michael, but after the announcement of their break-up, who everyone thought they might tie a knot, things took a U-turn.
Sruthi and Varun Dhawan
Sruthi and Varun Dhawan
Sruthi was spotted as a rapper in the foreign countries, joined a band and toured for a brief period of time, which she considered as a healing time from break up. Now, she rounded up everything and started signing up for the projects again. She signed around 5 feature films in Tamil & Telugu. Recently, she posted a picture on her social handles with Junior Salman Varun Dhawan, with a quote ‘Shoot with this absolute darling’. There are speculations about this as there was no news about the shoot, whether for a feature or advertise or a series. It seems like Shruthi is back to shoot life with this.

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