Sri Reddy’s Controversial Comments On Rajendra Prasad

Sri Reddy is constantly making a buzz on the social media and is leaving no one for gaining the attention and publicity. The latest is that she has made some sensational comments on the senior actor Rajendra Prasad and it is completely unexpected.

Sri Reddy comments on Rajendra Prasad
Sri Reddy comments on Rajendra Prasad

Sri Reddy opened up on the senior actor saying that he is a mentally sick person and she also gave a warning to the actor through her Facebook post.

Sri Reddy took to her Facebook wall and wrote, “Mr.rajendra prasad mentally sick person..please join in some mental hospital immediately..i know there is no respect on woman in your dictionary ..wl give clear picture very soon about u sir..”

The post opened to a lot of negativity on Sri Reddy only as people are tired of hearing her false, baseless and time-pass allegations on the film personalities. Hope she realizes her mistake and ends it here.

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