Sri Reddy reveals the other side of a senior producer Vakada Apparao

Sri Reddy has dedicated her victory to Mahaa Murthy and all the women association members and social activists for their extensive support to her in a vulnerable condition.

Sri Reddy and Vakada Apparao
Sri Reddy and Vakada Apparao

Character artists revealed the dirty secrets of producer Vakada Appa Rao while exposing his cheap behavior with women. Sri Vani claimed that Vakada Appa Rao is a womanizer and he seduces young girls.

Many character artistes said they were asked for nude videos by producers. Cine producer Vakada Apparao responded and condemned the sexual harassment allegations on him while claiming that the women artists are taking revenge on him for not giving roles. Sri Reddy said this is not the end and she will continue her fight.

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