Sreenu Vaitla: Story first, hero next

Sreenu Vaitla
Sreenu Vaitla

Tollywood has been following director Sreenu Vaitla’s format of the screenplay for almost a decade now and scored many hits. However, audiences have got bored of this screenplay and the disastrous result of ‘Aagadu’ is the perfect example.

Vytla is now coming up with his latest directorial project ‘Bruce Lee’ starring Ram Charan. While speaking to a media channel, he said that since almost all filmmakers of Telugu cinema have started following his screenplay, audience got vexed of it.

Vaitla confessed that he used to select a hero first and then write the story however he has decided to change it from his next film by writing the story first and then selecting a suitable hero.

Vytla has finally realized the importance of the story for a film.

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