Top director wife ventures into milk business

Srinu Vaitla is one of the top directors and he has worked with almost all the top heroes. Srinu vaitla did not get any blockbuster record or any hit in the past 3-4 years. His last hit is Dookudu with Mahesh Babu. Later on, he has some troubles in his married life as well but he settled them very soon.

Roopa Vaitla
Roopa Vaitla

Now it seems everything is going well between him and his wife Rupa Vaitla. It is heard that Rupa Vaitla has come up with a brand that sells cow milk and they named it as Vedik. They are promoting the brand in a way that it is the only right milk that one should drink and the business is said to be going well.

It is also learnt that Srinu Vaitla and his wife are earning lakhs with it per month and they are going to venture it into other areas very soon.

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