Spyder trailer talk! Mahesh steals the show

A new trailer of Mahesh Babu starrer Spyder is out. Trailer’s look and feel matches the genre. AR Murugadoss’ film is a spy thriller, and we are shown all that would typically go in an Indian spy thriller — a glass and steel Intelligence Bureau office, a super fit and sharp cop, a bubbly love interest, some touching family moments prominently featuring a worried mother, a glimpse of an antagonist who is more psychotic than overtly villainous, some song and dance sequences, stylishly choreographed punches and fights and a high thrill quotient.

Spyder Movie trailer
Spyder Movie trailer

The Spyder trailer appears to have got the audience interested too.The nearly 1.5-minute bilingual trailer gives us a lot more understanding into the dangerous world of Spyder. In this trailer, we get to know a bit more about the two principle characters — Mahesh Babu’s Siva is a tech geek and loves his job. He is not ready to change the world but wants to help others. Hence, he finds a software which will assist his team pinpoint who is in specific need of help by highlighting cases with words like help used on phones.

His world changes dramatically when his brain child becomes the reason for conflict. Spyder set to hit the screens on September 27.

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