Small Time Businessman Faces Trouble With Shruti Haasan

In our country, people shower their love towards their idols in various ways. Some construct temples for them, while others build schools and colleges on their names. But sometimes the extreme fandom might end us up in trouble as well. A small businessman in Hyderabad has faced such fate recently.

If we get into the story, a small shop owner in Koti area of Hyderabad is a huge fan of Shruti Haasan. To showcase his love towards the actress, he has filled his store with her photographs. But, a complaint was filed on him to Telangana civil supplies department stating that he posted the picture without taking the actress’ consent.

When officials asked him, the owner said he didn’t take any permission and first of all, he doesn’t know that he has to take permission for posting pictures of actresses. Because of the bizarre rule, he had to pay a fine of Rs. 7000. Well, we are sure that most of us didn’t know this rule before, as well.

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