Should I slap you – Zareen Khan fires on a netizen

Zareen Khan came face to face with one of her trolls during a TV show, and it went as per expectations. She threatened the troll and said, “My hand is bigger than your face. Should I slap you? Your jaw will be broken.”

Zareen Khan
Zareen Khan

This all happened as part of a TV show, MTV Troll Police, in which celebrities meet the people who troll them on social media. Zareen shared the video on her Instagram account. Zareen, who started her acting career opposite Salman Khan in Veer, was recently seen in 1921. A couple of days ago, Zareen issued a statement about how trolling affects mental health and family.

She said, “Trolls don’t realise that whatever they write not only affects us but also affects our family and friends. I am very thankful for the fact that my mother is not on social media because such bad and abusive comments would definitely disturb her.”

Such kind of people is a threat to either themselves or the entire society because they do not realise how their actions affect others. That’s the reason I have come on MTV Troll Police. I want to know if my biggest trolls have the courage to face me and say the same things on my face,” she added.

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