Shruthi bold Statement about her marriage and kids

Following footsteps of the father, Shruti Hassan has now expressed her decision on having kids. Wait, she is not ready to get married yet. But if she finds “the right man”, she wouldn’t hesitate to have children with her man even before marriage. Shruti and Akshara Hassan have indeed witnessed their parents wedding. It is a rare opportunity for any child to see their parents get married.

Shruthi Haasan
Shruthi Haasan

Well, coming to Shruti Hassan’s statement, talking about her love life, she says she is too busy with her career now to have a boyfriend.

There are rumors that she in a serious relationship with British artist Michael Corsale though. She also said that she is not thinking about marriage now but would marry if finds a right man and would not go back to have kids with the man even before marriage no matter what media or people of think of her. So, the “right guy”, Where are you? Shruti is looking for you!

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