Sexual Harassment Allegations On Actor Arjun

The entire South Film Industry was left in shock when the Kannada heroine Sruthi Hariharan made some shocking allegations on Action King Arjun that he harassed her sexually. As part of the MeToo movement in the country, the actress opened up and revealed that Arjun misbehaved with her. Within no time, the comments went viral and multiple people reacted to the same.

Arjun and Sruthi Hariharan
Arjun and Sruthi Hariharan

On the other side, Arjun condemned all these allegations and has informed that he is going to file a police complaint against the heroine. Meanwhile, the heroine has opened up again saying that the actor’s fans are threatening her. She participated in an event in Kerala recently and revealed the same.

“From the time I opened up, the fans of the actor are threatening me that they will end my life. I am receiving a lot of threatening calls from unknown persons.” said the actress. The media persons over there questioned her about the late reaction to the incident for which she replied saying, “I informed the film’s director then and there. I stopped attending the rehearsals too. I could not do anything else that time.” said the heroine.

On the other side, another character artist opened up about the issue saying that Arjun harassed her. She alleged that Arjun asked her to bring another artist to his room. She also made an allegation that Arjun used to give money for artist supplier to send girls to his rooms.

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