Senior Actor Annapurna’s Daughter Commits Suicide

Actress Annapurna’s daughter has committed suicide. Keerthi daughter of actress Annapurna hanged herself yesterday late in the midnight. Keerthi was suffering from illness, which is apparently the reason behind her suicide. The Banjarahills police have taken up the case.

Annapurna Daughter
Annapurna Daughter

Actress Annapurna had no children for years, hence she had adopted Keerthi. Keerthi was married off to Venkata Krishna, who hails from Karnataka. “Keerthi was suffering from depression, as she was worried about her daughter. Her daughter is being treated for speech and is being given speech therapy. We are shocked that Keerthi hanged herself”, told Annapurna to a media person. The dead body of Keerthi is taken to Osmania Hospital for the postmortem. More details are to be out yet.

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