Selfie Raja Review – Kichidi Of Many Hit Movies With Irritating Spoofs

Rating: 2.5/5

Critic Rating: (2.5/5)

If a hero or director start giving a series of flops, their popularity and their charm slowly start to fade among audience and curiosity for the release of their film decreases gradually. Same as the case with Allari Naresh, who once has given superb blockbusters, now is in desperation of a solid hit. His is fading away slowly with the flops he has been giving from the last 3-4 movies. He has tried comedy and thriller but failed to entertain audience. He is now coming as Selfie Raja under the direction of G Eshwar Reddy, produced by Chalasani Rama Brahmam. Hope this gets Allari Naresh a hit into his list.


Selfie Raja Photos
Selfie Raja Photos

Selfie Raja (Allari Naresh) is a selfie freak and a chatter box. He by his chatterbox behaviour, always get into some type of problems. He loves Swetha (Kamna Ranawat) at first sight who happens to be the daughter of Police Commissioner (Nagineedu). Selfie Raja and Swetha are married with the consent of parents and their relation falls apart due to a misunderstanding. Frustrated and broken by this Selfie Raja tries his best to die in every possible way but saved in the possible ways. One drunk night he fixes a deal with contract killer (Ravi Babu) who never fails to complete his killing contracts to kill him. Swetha meets with him after clearing the misunderstanding. Contract killer calls Bheems to kill Selfie Raja. What happens with Contract Killer? Who is Bheems?? forms the rest of the story.

Cast and Performance

Allari Naresh Selfie Raja Photos
Allari Naresh Selfie Raja Photos

Allari Naresh is good as Selfie Raja. He tried his best to evoke laughs and to make movie entertaining ride. Kamna Ranawat is okay. She look beautiful in some scenes. Sapthagiri is good in some scenes. Sakshi Chowdary has nothing to do in this movie. Tagubothu Ramesh is good and did Baahubali spoof. Thirty years Prudhvi is hilarious and said some dialogues in Balayya style. Krishna Bhagavan is nice as deaf person. Jabardasth actors did a fine job in generating laughs. Shakalaka Shankar, Satya are good. Ravi Babu tried to generate comedy with lame scenes. Other artists are nice.

Writing Department

Story of Selfie Raja is so simple and okay. Dialogues are good and some seem to be forcibly injected into th script. Screenplay is okay.

Technical Departments

Songs and background score composed by Sai Kartheek are okay. Both have nothing great and new to remember or enjoy. Cinematography by Lokanathan is good. But color correction is bad in some shots. Editing by M R Varma is okay. It should have been better. Production values are good.


  • Few laughter moments


  • Music
  • Repeated comedy scenes
  • Spoofs of many iconic scenes


This movie begins with Selfie freak Selfie Raja creating problems to people around him. Comedy works at parts and places and sometimes it irritates to the core. Audience are seeing the same comedy scenes and hearing the same dialogues with the same bakara moments. As many movies are hit with same formula and moments they are trying to get hit. Characters comes and go just for the sake of some comedy with fails to evoke comedy. When Selfie Raja tries to die, it becomes unbearable for audience. Interval scene where Bheems is introduced is meant to create some intensity and curiosity but fail to make such as the movie is flat. This movie has more spoofs of Nannaku Prematho, Baahubali, Kushi, Pokiri and many more hit movies than original scenes and content. A sense of irritation start in the minds of audience with more and more spoofs. In addition to this, songs which don’t work comes up at regular intervals. Movies like Selfie Raja are tried and beaten to pulp by our filmmakers and cannot make much difference among audience. To sum up, Selfie Raja is mix of many super hit movies and spoof of some iconic movies.

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