Allari Naresh fans misbehaved with ‘Lady James Bond’

Fans Misbehaved with Sakshi Choudary
Fans Misbehaved with Sakshi Choudary

The core team of Allari Naresh’s latest film “James Bond”, Naresh, heroine of the film, Sakshi Chowdary, producer Anil Sunkara, Director and co. are currently touring to promote the movie. As the team is taking no special bouncers along with them, we hear that actress Sakshi Chowdary faced embarrassing situation as the fans of naresh thronged to shake hands with her and touch of her.

Sakshi is heard to be still daring enough to handle that situation for the sake of promoting her movie, in which she got a meaty role. She is the only lady among the gang of male crowds.

Speaking at the occasion, Naresh said that his aim is to fill the void left by Jandhyala garu but he could only succeed a millionth of it until now.

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