Secrets Behind Radhika Apte’s Nude Video Leakage

Just like ‘Why Kattappa Killed Baahubali?’, ‘Who Leaked Radhika Apte’s Nude video’ has also become one of the interesting topics of discussions on social media.

Radhika Apte Video Leak
Radhika Apte Video Leak

It may be noted that Radhika’s ultra-bold sex video from her upcoming film ‘Parched’ was leaked a few days ago. Known for her ‘don’t care’ attitude, Radhika was expected to come out in public and say something about the whole leakage episode. However, her stoic silence has surprised one and all.

The latest reports in Bollywood media circles suggest that makers of ‘Parched’ purposefully leaked the sex video to create hype for the film. Radhika was informed prior to this leakage and her pocket was heard to have been filled with a decent sum to stay silent regarding this.

Radhika’s full frontal nude photos from a short film were also leaked in the past. Was that also a publicity stunt?

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