Rudhramadevi Will Definitely Release on 9th of October: Gunasekhar

India’s first Historical Stereoscopic film “Rudhramadevi” will release on 9th of October, said Director Gunasekhar. “The news spread that since 3D work is being delayed, the film will is postponed, and such news is false rumours. The film has reached its final stage and is being completed at a brisk pace. On October 9th the film will be released in Telugu, Tamil, Malayalam and Hindi in 3D” said Gunasekhar.

Rudramadevi to release on 9th October
Rudramadevi to release on 9th October

The film got delayed due to 3D work, since the completion of overall effects, 3D will mesmerise you while watching this film. Anushka, Allu Arjun, Rana are playing the crucial roles in his historical film. This film took 80 crores in its uncompromising production values and Gunashekar produced it.

Usually, any film that is coming after several postponements will have a negative publicity in the audience, but Rudhramadevi is scoring quite opposite. Since its announcement, till date the curiousness and expectations among the audience is high.

So, we shall wait till 9th and see whether “Rudhramadevi” turns out to be a hit and brings gets good compliments to its actors.

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