Rs 13 Crores offer to Vidya Balan for an Ad

Compared to other heroines Vidya Balan earned fame at a late age. She has done characters that suited her personality and image and bagged good hits. Later on, she got married and leading a happy life since then. Vidya said that if any character suits her she will defiantly act once again.

Vidya Balan
Vidya Balan

Vidya, not only in cinemas but also in the ad world is a big fish. She, who always appears in sari’s, like to wear them at any given point of time. Knowing her love towards sari’s, a popular fashion designing company approached her to become the brand ambassador to their sari’s.

Vidya, who openly said that she doesn’t wear a sari more than once, was offered mind blowing remuneration from the ad agency people. She is reported of receiving Rs 13 Crores for endorsing the sari brand of the fashion designing company.

The company earlier though of roping in another popular heroine, bur opted for Vidya as they felt that she is a much-known celebrity for wearing a sari. Since the targeted customers of the company being middle aged women, Vidya was the right choice for them.

By receiving such remuneration, Vidya Balan proved that she is no lesser than a star heroine.

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