RGV’s New Gimmick : Varun Tej is the Next Mega Star

It seems that crazy director PuriJagannath’s guru Ram GopalVaram has taken the task of providing free publicity to ‘Loafer’ as he started talking about it right from the release day.

RGV Varun Tej
RGV Varun Tej

It is known that Varma had earlier stated that VarunTej is best among the mega heroes and the controversial genius has reiterated the same.

“Just saw Loafer.it’s a full on commercial mass masala sentimental entertainer with a very correct mix of music,drama and action.

Seeing the speedy variation of Varun in Mukunda,Kanche and now especially “Loafer” I have no doubts that he’s the next Mega Star.

In Loafer the character Jagan designed for Varun will surely catapult him to Mega Stardom far ahead of the other Mega contenders,” posted RGV, leaving mega fans in confusion.

“Disha is the best heroine I saw in years though in ” Loafer”her potential has not been used to the fullest owing to character limitations

Revathy and Posani are terrific in “Loafer” and so is Sunil Kashyap’s background music”, RGV also posted on his Twitter

Mega fans don’t know whether to be happy for praising Varun or angry for calling him better then Pawan?

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