RGV’s Latest Comments On Agnyaathavaasi

Ram Gopal Varma who claims to be a fan of Pawan Kalyan is back in making new comments on the posters of Agnyathavaasi. In his usual style, he has made some surprising comments on the actor and also posted a picture of him kissing Pawan Kalyan where the photo was actually morphed.

RGV on Agnyaathavaasi
RGV on Agnyaathavaasi

“Nenu naa gatha janmalo kooda ilaanti attitude vunna athanni choodaledhu. Rajnikanth and Amitabh bachchan yendukoo panikiraaru P K mundhu. Bruce Lee ki mogudu laa vunnadu. Nenu gay kaadhani andarikee thelusu kaani prapancham lo vunna mottham andhamayina ammayilu andharoo oka vaipunna nenu ee posterlo vunna abbayine choose chesukuntaa. Pawan kalyan mundhu puttada? emotion tharvatha puttindha? anedhi chettu mundha vitthu mundha? kodi mundha guddu mundhaa? Ane anaadhi prashnaki naa samaadhanam Pawan kalyan mundhu putti manandarikee ippudu emotion nerputhunnadani. Hats off PK.” posted Ram Gopal Varma along with the new posters of Agnyathavaasi.

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