RGV Announces His Next

After the failure of the film Officer, RGV is now back with the announcement of his new movie. The film is titled as VIRUS. Parag Sanghvi is the producer of the movie who earlier worked with RGV for the movies Sarkar and The Attacks of 26/11. The director announced the main theme of the movie on the social media yesterday.

RGV Virus
RGV Virus

“In VIRUS, a Student contracts a deadly disease from a visit to central Africa and soon it spreads like wild fire in Mumbai City. A panicky and totally unprepared government warns the people of Mumbai to maintain a distance of at least 20 feet from each other which becomes impossible in a 2 crore populated city. The death toll soon rises to more than a lakh and the government cuts off Mumbai from the rest of the country in a desperate hope to contain it in Mumbai. The uninfected in a panic try to flee the city, but the administrators give extreme orders to shoot anyone who tries to escape because they want to stop the spread and do not know who’s infected and who’s not. Against this backdrop of a battle between the city’s scared people and its helpless administrators, VIRUS will be a high octane human drama full of fear, tragedy, love, sacrifice, hope, and desperation.” revealed Ram Gopal Varma about the film.

Cast and other details will be announced soon.

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