Renu Desai Latest Comments On Pawan Fans

Power Star Pawan Kalyan fans are still having huge respect for his ex-wife Renu Desai. She also enjoys the love and admiration that Pawan fans still shower on her. But, she has started living on her own with her both children in Pune. She recently came up with a poetry book of her own which she is currently promoting in Telugu media. The same book was translated into Telugu by Ananth Sriram.

Renu Desai Comments
Renu Desai Comments

Renu Desai, in one of her interviews, opened up about Pawan Kalyan and revealed, “whenever I write a poem – people would attribute it to Pawan Kalyan garu. They need to understand I am an individual and moved on and my poems are from my experience of my own journey.”

Renu Desai is currently in Hyderabad for the promotions of her poetry book ‘A Love – Unconditional.’

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