Renu clarifies about Pawan Kalyan pic on Social Media

Pawan Kalyan and Renu Desai is a never-ending discussion and curiosity for not only fans but also others who are very curious to know about the personal lives of the celebrities. Post their divorce, Pawan Kalyan never brought up her topic or even mentions her. On the other hand, Renu Desai gave more interviews and spoke about him even after divorce.

Renu Desai Pawan Kalyan Photo
Renu Desai Pawan Kalyan Photo

Recently, Renu Desai also visited the NGO and also posted a live video of it. She introduced everyone and spent quality time with them. She asked them to watch TV and Movies less from now on and took a promise from them. Covering each and every kid, she telecasted a live video of the event.

After few hours, so many fans also admired her in the comments. When a person with Pawankalyan DP also posted a comment, the kids there thought it was Pawan Kalyan himself that made the comment. However, Renu clarified that he is not PK but a fan of him and kept Pawan’s photo out of his appreciation for his favorite hero.

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