Remove That Scenes From Baahubali!

Fans are fighting for the movie tickets and Telangana Malala JAC Chairman B.Deepak Kumar demanding to delete the few scenes from the film Baahubali, which are hurting the sentiments of Mala community, one of the scheduled castes. Mala JAC chairman has approached the CCS police alleging that the 13 minute leaked video has a few scenes that hurt the Mala Community people in the film and so demanded for justice.

Prabhas, Rana and Sathyaraj in Baahubali
Prabhas, Rana and Sathyaraj in Baahubali

If the scenes are not deleted, then they are going to stop the release of Baahubali in Telangana. Rajamouli has been caught into a ‘Caste Controversy’ this time, and he does not face this type of problem for his earlier movies.

Meanwhile Baahubali is getting ready for a big release worldwide on 10th of July!!

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