Reason Behind Kajal Rejecting Offers

Kajal Agarwal Rejecting Offers

Kajal Agarwal is now rejecting more offers than the ones she is accepting. Few media segments mentioned that the convert rate of films for Kajal Agarwal is less that that of the admissions in IIM. The reason for Kajal to reject lots of films is that the actress is now looking for high profile offers with great remuneration.

It seems that the requirement of Kajal is quite simple. She is aspiring to have the best remuneration with the best character. Unfortunately, it is tough for the film makers to give both to an actress.

As the condition is not being met, Kajal is stated to have decided to reject offers, till she gets the best one. With this, Kajal will be pushing her career forward apart from earning good amount with a single flick.

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