Rape Allegations On Kannada Actor

In a shocking news, a 23-year-old actress has filed a complaint on Kannada actor named Subramanyam. A lady made an allegation that Kannada actor raped her.

Kannada Actor Subramanyam
Kannada Actor Subramanyam

Going more into the details, 23 years old lady who comes from Rajaji Nagar is said to be in love with Subramanyam from past 2 years. Both the families have also agreed for their wedding but Subramanyam requested for the postponement of wedding citing the reason that he is busy with shooting. On November 1st, he is said to have informed to her to come to his sister’s place for a party.

When she reached there he has given her a drink mixed with sleeping pills. Later, Subramanyam has raped her and then she has complained to the cops. Subramanyam later escaped from the place and the cops are looking out for him.

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