Rana- Kajal’s special chemistry turns hot topic

Rana and Kajal Aggarwal have been enjoying the success of Nene Raju Nene Mantri. This duo is still promoting this movie to make it a big blockbuster.

Rana- Kajal’s special chemistry
Rana- Kajal’s special chemistry

In a recent promotional event, Kajal has said that many are feeling jealous on her and King Rana for the success. She dared to say that their jealousy rays will affect her Raju so she felt he should be shielded from their negative rays. Even though all these acts are a part of a promotion, critics and netizens are feeling that what Kajal did was way over. Some say that they have no need to promote in this way where as some say that she is charging money for the promotions. Well, for now, they have nothing to worry as the movie is going great.

This movie is directed by Teja and presented by Suresh Babu. The movie grossed more than 15 crores of shares from the domestic regions and declared as a profitable venture for all.

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