Rana Daggubati revealed his dating secrets with 30 girls!

Tollywood hunk Rana Daggubati has won the tag of most desirable man of 2014 by beating Mahesh and Prabhas in an online survey conducted by a leading daily. Mahesh Babu got the second position and Prabhas got third place in that survey. This hottest man has given a special interview after he chooses as most desirable man and in that interview Rana revealed some interesting facts about his link-ups with the heroines in the film industry.

Rana Daggubati Dating Secrets

Daggubati Rana not yet scored a biggest hit film in his account but he get linked up with so many women in the Tollywood and Bollywood film industry. Earlier also there were rumors about Rana’s relationship with Trisha,Bipasha Babu and many others.

Rana revealed his dating secrets and also revealed about his link-ups in that interview. Rana stated that “Sometimes, there is some truth in the link-ups, but mostly, there is no truth” when asked about his link-ups. He also said that “I have dated with 30 women” and immediately he said that that is what media says about me. So, he escaped cleverly by putting the blame on media.

Rana Dating with 30 Women

Whatever it may be now the talk is that he agreed that there is some truth in the link-ups!! Folks any guess!!

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