Rana Daggubati delaying Baahubali ?

Daggubati Rana shall be appreciated for his guts and positivity towards taking the negative lead in Baahubali in the early stages of his film career.

He mesmerised the audience with his muscular body and cruel looks that might have torn the heart if real Baahubali did exist. Now the very same Rana is the reason behind the delay start of Baahubali- The conclusion.

Rana is Baahubali
Rana is Baahubali

Rana Daggubati, who gained muscles and put on a mountain of weight to stand equal opposite Prabhas, is busy in acting for other films. After the release of Baahubali, Rana started losing weight and had dropped nearly 20 kilos and lost the “Bhalladeva” physique. To regain this weight, Rana shall need a minimum of two months, which a very long time for Rajamouli and the entire team.

With Prabhas already gaining 100 Kgs of weight, started involving in the story and sharpening his sword fighting skills. If Rana doesn’t put enough weight as soon as possible, then there will be an obvious delay in Baahubali 2 release.

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