Ram Charan’s movie inspired by Chiru’s film?

Bruce Lee
Bruce Lee

Ram Charan’s latest flick Bruce Lee-The fight Master, directed by Sreenu Vailta has raised enough expectation sin the audience from its teaser release. Ram Charan will be seen high voltage action sequences in the film as his role is fight/stunt master. This film has also includes great scenes of sentiment and enough comedy in Sreenu Vaitla mark.

The latest buzz has that this flick has been stirred from one of Chiranjeevi’s hit film. Writer Gopi Mohna who has seen few scenes of the film said that the film reminded him of Chiranjeevi’s block buster “Gang Leader”.

From our reliable sources we learnt that Ram Charan’s Bruce Lee is film inspired from Gang Leader. A point from the hit film has been the focal for the creation of Bruce Lee. Few scenes that resembled in Gang Leader were also cleverly copy, pasted in the flick.

Since Sreenu Vailta has faced disaster from his previous release, he had sketched a detailed screenplay that doesn’t show the original Gang Leader, but under current resembles the block buster.

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