Ram Charan conveys thanks to NTR

In the recent times, star heroes were seen praising one another on twitter. NTR Jr has posted his words about Rangasthalam 1985 movie and it has been a sensation on twitter.

Jr NTR and Ram Charan
Jr NTR and Ram Charan

With the support from his side NTR posted a review kind of message on twitter. He posted, “Just saw #Rangasthalam. “Hats off to you Charan. You truly deserve all the applause and accolades that you are getting. Take one from me too, No one could have done it better #Respect.

“Kudos to director Sukumar Garu for his gutsy and brilliant direction. Takes courage to stay true to the vision of making a raw and rustic emotional period drama. Hats off to you sir” he added. He also gave his praises to Samantha.

After NTR tweets went viral Mega Power star Ram Charan reply to Young tiger tweets on Face book and says thanks to NTR.

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