Rajini’s 20 Minutes Role in Kabali

PA Ranjith, the director of the film Kabali, interacted with media recently and revealed so many interesting details about the movie. The director revealed that Rajinikanth would be seen in three different looks in the film. Also, the director revealed the duration for all these different looks.

Rajinikanth Role in Kabali
Rajinikanth Role in Kabali

Revealing more details about Rajinikanth’s look in the film, the director said “I worked very hard to sketch his character. We all liked the salt and pepper look which has become so popular today. Rajini sir will be seen in the elderly look for just about 20 minutes in the film. Rajinikanth will be seen young for the rest of the film. I fell back on his ’80s look for the styling of the young Rajini, and it will surely impress.”

Rajinikanth and Radhika Apte are playing the lead roles. Santosh Narayan is the film’s music director.

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