Rajini’s 2.0 Film Compared With Prabhas Movie

Director Shankar is currently involved in finishing the post-production activities of his next film titled 2.O. Rajinikanth, Amy Jackson, and Akshay Kumar have played the lead roles in the movie. The film is the sequel for the super hit movie Robo. The makers already invested a lot of money on the project and the failure of VFX also costed the makers a lot. The latest teaser proved the craze of Rajinikanth by registering a record number of views in a less time. This is creating a unique buzz for the movie now.

Prabhas and Rajinikanth
Prabhas and Rajinikanth

It is said that the film is being made with a whopping Rs 550 crore. The movie will be released in 3D. Earlier, a similar discussion happened during the release of Baahubali but the makers of Baahubali ruled out the 3D option cleverly.

Now, in the case of 2.O, there is a chance for the getting and losing interest in the movie. The technology and the graphics part is too heavy in the movie that it might cut the connection of the audiences with the film. There is a mixed response to the teaser especially in terms of the content. So, it is still a big question if 2.O can recreate the magic of Baahubali in terms of the story and VFX.

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